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  • Welcome to URBiS Constructions

    Urbis Constructions Pty Ltd is a residential & commercial building company based in the ACT providing building services within Canberra and the surrounding region.
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  • Building homes to Create a lifestyle We want you to love your house not just live in it!

Creating a culture of modern life through urban design and construction

At Urbis Constructions we that changing lifestyles and mindsets combining with advances in technology are forging their ways into building, architecture, design and the environment.
This is why we offer access to our unique integrated network of trade professionals, suppliers, draftsmen, architects, engineers, interior designers and landscapers.
We have a passion for engaging and collaborating with local professionals to create desired lifestyle outcomes for our clients.
Trevor Liakos commenced Urbis Constructions in 2003 after a background in banking, financial planning and customer service to meet a need he identified in the market.
Having always been interested in the design of striking contemporary architecture based on forward thinking and it being constantly evolutionary & modern.
Today, Urbis Constructions prides itself on being a progressive local building company providing a quality product in construction, design and clear communication with its clients.
Urbis Constructions holds building licences in both ACT (Class B) & NSW.